What programs do yall use to make yalls art?


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I just use photoshop and map zone. :(
Map Zone is meant for textures but at the end you can change the size of the texture down to 32x32 and it works just fine.
For 3d programs for free ones I would go with blender the latest build is a pain to figure out,make human, and sculptris.
For some money a program I like a lot and didn't have to spend an arm and leg for is carrara get the premium account it comes in handy for updates and other juicy stuff.
Also bone rigging seems to be easier to do in carrara than blender to me.
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Corel Painter - although I was using it back when it was Fractal Designs Painter.

Natural media program with layers, onion skinning, support for geomorphic tiles, etc...

I will say that graphics don't have to be technically sophisticated to be good - they just need to be understandable and consistent.


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I used to use OpenCanvas, but now with a Mac it's Photoshop.


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Paint.NET. Being able to select it as an editor while Stencyl still handles animations is awesome, a large step up above Game Maker IMO. =D
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i am a new developer and i was thinking about using daz3d and rendering the picture as a 2d and using that... its actually brilliant

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Generally, if I'm making art on a computer I use Illustrator.

BUT If I'm making pixel art and sprites, I use an IOS app called "Sprite Something."

I find using Photoshop to make pixel art to be like hammering in a nail with a typewriter - it might work, but it's not really what it's meant for. Since I'm a Mac user, I can't just pick up Microsoft Paint, and I find "Pixen" (while good in theory) to be far too laggy and crashy to be reliable.

But I cannot recommend Sprite Something enough, if you have an iPad it's pretty amazing, but it's fun on an iphone too. It's specifically meant for drawing and animating sprites and pixel art - it even exports Animated Gifs, and Sprite sheets! I can just drag and drop my files directly into Stencyl, it is SUCH a time saver.

It also has a neat little colour palette tool that allows you to pick from a number of colour spaces beyond just a spectrum - like Commodore 64 or Super Nintendo!

Also, working on an iPad means less repetitive stress injury, and I can work on my sprites pretty much anywhere - the couch, the cafe, the subway.

As much as I agree that the tools don't really matter as much as skill and practice, finding the right tool can be a boon to not only your creativity, but also your time management. It's lowers the barrier to entry, just like Stencyl does for game making.


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Daz3d is a decent application if you wish to render 3d models to use as 2d character sprites.  For a little bit of cash you can get poser debut which might give you more features.

I have been an avid 3d modeling/rendering hobbyist for years so I am hoping to use my 3d applications to render out a lot of my graphical elements for the games I will be creating here.  I use Luxology's Modo and Pixologic's Zbrush for my 3d work mainly.  For particle effects I will be using Blender since my Houdini license is educational only..which is a shame since you can created some wicked effects in Houdini although Blender has come a long way in that department as well.

For my 2d applications I use LineForm for my vector artwork and Photoshop CS5 for all the other 2d work I need.   Sprite Something sounds very interesting since it is a chore to do that in Photoshop... I will have to check th at out.


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I'm on a mac and I use Photoshop.

For pure pixel stuff I am also using Aseprite. Its great. Am very impressed with it and also has onion skinning for animation. Has lots of palette control as well. Good drawing tools. Only for Pixel art though.

Also like Pixen 2 as well.

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Phothoshop CS6
Fireworks CS6

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I use a combination of Aseprite and PaintTool SAI for most of my materials, and the fact that Aseprite can be integrated with Stencyl is just awesome.

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I use autodesk sketchbook pro.  8) It's simple to use but powerful and features transparency. And it's cheap ($60).


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I like Inkscape. Not only is the price right, but since it is a vector program, you can change the size of the art without any loss of quality. It is possible to export a tiny sprite for your game and re-export the same art for a poster or some other marketing material with no problem. Inkscape also has the ability to outline a scanned image as well.


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I tend to use illustrator mainly and then photoshop for animation (and photo manipulation / or realistic type graphics)

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I use Sketchbook pro for sketching then put it on adobe illustrator