What programs do yall use to make yalls art?


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I heard of Pyxeledit back in Ludum Dare 23 (Then called Pickle) and from what I had of it it was quite functional, but did lack some crucial functions, but did work as a straight editor.


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I used to use Paintshop pro all the time but now use either Paint.Net or Acorn (OSX).
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I use GIMP when its possible and Photoshop when needed (mostly for special and complex effects).
For 3d modelling I use Blender mostly.


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I am currently using a new pixel program called "pickle" it doesn't have onionskinning, but it does have copy/paste, unlimited undos,  and you can create your own custom hexcode palettes to save for later use, with only the colors you need at the time. plus you can do animated or terrain tiles, it saves in jpg, gif or png format, as well as its own format(to re-edit later). actually pretty simple and easy to figure out, and the cost? only $9 USD. (FYI, not a promo/plug, i just think it's worth trying out)


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MS paint windows XP version. Im so used too it form fooling around over the years. I wish I knew any similar programs.


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I'll never stop using Photoshop because I started using it in 1995 and there's no way I'll ever get 18 years of experience on another program. My complete bias aside if you can master the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator and how you can make them work together there's pretty much nothing you can't do.

They seem very complex because, well, they are, but even after all these years I know about half of what Photoshop can do because a lot of it is for specific purposes that I don't come across. Just learn one bit at a time and soon enough you'll be comfortable. You can't beat Photoshop for the amount of info there is out there for every experience level - you can always find another tutorial to take your skills up another notch.


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I use Gimp and a little bit of grapchis gale.

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The best 2d programs that I have found so far for free or cheap are:

#1: Paint Tool Sai
#2: GraphicsGale
#3: InkScape

   Paint Tool Sai is an amazing time saver for editing graphics.

   GraphicsGale is great for simple animations by using frames and/or layers. It also has that feature to show past layers as see-thru so you can trace them for practice or help to guide the next drawing for animation. I think it's called onion skinning maybe? ...

   InkScape is a vector app instead of raster but it can also rasterize vector art, there's also a way to animate with it but I haven't used it much yet so didn't get that far.

   An artist could work with anything sure, but it's always faster and easier when you have the right tools for the job. That being said, I would be using the latest version of Adobe Suite (Photoshop and Flash mostly) if I cared to spend that kind of cash or pirate it.
   I'd really rather not do either of those things at the moment.


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Photoshop CS2.

I'm not sure why people still prefer other free alternatives since Photoshop CS2 has been free for now, over the 10 years of working in the game industry I have know concept artist, map artist have all been using photoshop CS2, even there are new version available it has been very bad, and slow to many artist, and they just prefer version CS2, it has customisation without sacrificing speed. :)
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MS Paint and Iaza.com for all my fancy sprite needs, admittedly I can't draw well with pen and paper or MS Paint, but have some random tiles.

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I haven't posted any on this site, but I usually use the export 2d graphic feature with sketchup for graphics.


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I personally use Photoshop.. I know it's expensive, but its just so powerful that anything can be done.


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Photoshop and Gimp are almost the same thing In my opinion.
Paint SAI is really good for non pixel art.

Honestly, I only use Photoshop and Paint SAI and I use Adobe Flash Cs3 to make the animations for my game.

I use Pixelmator which is a less than perfect but not bad $30 program from the Mac App Store.