What programs do yall use to make yalls art?


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Illustrator and Photoshop.  More illustrator because it's Vector based which makes for much sharper, cleaner images.


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I use: Photoshop, illustrator, flash, 3dsmax, blender, after effects, adobe audition, premiere.

Now there is a great stuff in photoshop cc named "linked smart objects" :

You can create tileset in main .psd file and place linked tile .psd
When modify linked object.. object will be updated in main .psd file :)


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As more of a pixel art person I prefer programs like Paint and ASEPRITE, mostly the latter because it has support for transparency.


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How about for walking or moving animations? How do you make them?


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How about for walking or moving animations? How do you make them?
Paint. Lol

I draw boxes and edit things and view in Stencyl. Here's one I made recently:

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Paint Tool Sai (#1)
The little editor that comes with Stencyl ("Pencyl"?)

For vector art (or skeletal animation of images), has anyone had any luck with Anime Studio, Spriter, or other bone-animation software?

I'm experimenting with skeletal animation now, though I'm not sure if I'll scan and color hand-drawn art or draw vector art. (And, yes, I'm reminding myself not to get too ambitious until I've had a few small games under my belt.)


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I use Paint and Gimp. For mind edits in-engine, I use the pencyl app.

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I found a FANTASTIC program for creating Pixel (and other) art. This program can run in-browser and be dowloaded, with same functionality. It supports layers, as well as darkening/lightening pixels with a touch, and most importantly, it has very good handeling of frames, with exports as on PNG with frames side-by-side, an animated GIF, or each in its own image with a numbered index.



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I use Poser 3D  for creating my sprites or 'box covers'.  Takes lot of memory and resizing but the png files are handy nowsaday! It  keep the quality high compared to old gifs.


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As a Ubuntu user, I use Inkscape most of the times.  From time to time I use GIMP for quick edits of nonvector graphics.


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I use spriter sometimes for animation of sprites. GIMP for normal, pixel art and for illustrative work krita.


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I use Inkscape most of the times.  From time to time I use GIMP for quick edits of nonvector graphics.

Im exactly the same.

Interesting reading so many people use many different programs,  I guess it is whatever works best for each person :)
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I used to create designs with Pixlr Editor. It's a website meaning for as long as you have a good connection you can access it. Right now I'm using either Gimp or CS5. Its not a big jump but it's definitely more complicated than Pixlr.


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For pixel art, I suggest you look at GFIE: greenfish icon editor. It was designed for making pointers and other small icons, so it works really well with low resolution pixel graphics. (My favorite picture that I have made is probably my avatar.)

It supports layering, animations, several types of texturing, and pretty much all other basic functions. (And it's free.)