Camera Viewer for Scene Designer


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When reading ttpete's topic about his scenes, it occurred to me that I'd heard similar things before; that users would like to have a Scene Designer viewing mode that matches the in-game camera. Obviously the Scene Designer's view right now is optimized for creating and editing scenes; you want as much of the scene visible as possible typically. However a view-mode that emulates the in-game camera (can we steal the code from the engine itself and convert it to work in the Scene Designer?) would be good. Obviously users would lose that wider view usually used for editing, but the primary goal here is to help them do minor tweaks and to see things like parallax.
This could be incredibly difficult, of course, I have no idea ;)
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It would also help in adding onscreen buttons
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This could be incredibly difficult, of course, I have no idea ;)
But where's the difference to the regular "Test Scene"? For a valuable Scene Preview, you need to compile the game and see the Scene assembled?
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Justin has implemented this for 3.2.