zSnake (Android & iOS) [Actoid] Now on iOS + Google Statistics


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   eat snacks, chase mouse and fight for your life in journey through 8 challenging rooms full of growth and bloody splitting.
Game explores possibilities of enhancing old school Snake and provides unique gaming experience.

- dark themed snake
- rotting snacks
- choose your speed
- challenging survival rooms
- colorful skins


   zSnake is outcome of chaotic team work with satisfying outcome, in other words our first game.
Two guys with dream of making games reached for Stencyl and in 6 months period
prototyped around 5 games with only one champion.

We are looking forward for feedback and chance to offer better experience
 in upcoming games and updates,  which you can follow at  http://actoid.net/

Farm Rooms
stack combo for 2x Snack, 3x Snack and Mouse bonus

fill combo bar for Mouse challenge

Survival Rooms
don't lose your head

Gain Coins
spend your earnings on lives and skins

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Today is huge day for Actoid as our first game zSnake is released on Android(iOS coming soon)

Download, share, comment and follow us on social media as we are looking for feedback and visibility.

By the way... We are looking for someone to handle sounds(not paid)


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I like it. 5 stars from me!


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Thanks for 5 stars George. We are happy that you like it.


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Anyone with Kindle around?

zSnake is available on Amazon


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Very good game!!!


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*I'm french, sorry for my english*
I did not think that we could make a game  of this quality with stencyl!!! Very good work!


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*Your english is good* :P

Anyway thanks for motivating words jalet.


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Hey guys zSnake is fighting with other 24 Android games for exposure at www.supergamedroid.com

Vote for zSnake and help us with exposure which helps Stencyl too.

We love you and thanks for support :D


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Story continues :)

After long waiting times in Apple App submission process, zSnake is finally out and ready for you to play.


Lets get to Google Play statistics.

- had average of 10 daily downloads slowly falling to 2.
- multiple Slovak Android portals wrote about zSnake what caused small boost in Downloads( around 20 a day)
- game been in top 200 new apps on Slovak market( only for few days)
- portal with 60k subscribers wrote about it and here comes the spike
   - 122 Downloads at day of media release
   - breath taking 663 Downloads after they posted on Facebook

Low download rate was sort of demotivation although my personal "play it safe"  goal was 300 downloads.
One day changed everything - media plays huge role in number of downloads and overall spread of game.

Anyone with knowledge of international Android or iOS portals with fair number of subscribers? (ones who give chance to startups)

Now as we gained good portion of experience we put it in use on our next game. (we share info after further progress).

Thanks for support guys :)