Looking for a collab partner for Kongregate game!


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Hello add me and chat with me if you would like to join, the game is a point and click adventure game and I would love to have an artist! Hope to see who applies!


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Is the game playable? What kind of art are you looking for?

You can use forge graphics for place holders for a while.


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I haven't begun working on the game yet and I don't generally use forge items. I am just looking for someone who can assist in making me the art and then I can program it.


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It may help if you have some example games or demos to show. Most people won't want to attach themselves to a project without knowing what the other party can bring to the table.

Good luck!


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Like he said it is helpful if you have some examples or some kind of plan before you start. Are you an experienced programer? If that is what you want to do and you are you could put that in your first post.
What style and how big (resolution) would also be interesting...


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Code something first to show us what it is! And if you end up finding coding in stencyl too difficult, try scratch, which is what stencyl design mode was based off. If you can't do scratch, ask the help of an 8 year old who can.

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AS everyone else has already said, you do need to provide some sort of background in order to prove that the project is worth it. You're still new here so unless you do so you are unlikely to find someone willing to help. As was suggested before, use some placeholders from Forge for a while. I don't get why you can't use Forge items, they can just act as placeholders until you've proven that your game is worth doing graphics for, and you can swap them out later. If you're worried about using them because you want to submit something professional to Kongregate etc, then don't worry, as the amount of time it takes to actually make a good game will be plenty to substitute everything in.

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