Leveling System


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How to create a global leveling system. Where a win in each game rewards the player with xp to add to their global level.


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it can be as complicated as you want.

you can simply use a GAME attribute which stores your XP, and for every let's say 1000 XP you gain one level.
or you can create a list (by hand, or by code) which increases the amount of required XP to level up, for every level.
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make attributes for XP, required XP, and level. when XP is granted, in that same event check to see if the XP is equal or greater to the required XP, at which point increase the level, subtract the needed XP from XP and set that to "leftover xp", then set XP to "leftover xp". In this same event you can also multiply the required XP by some factor so that it grows as you level up.


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Appreciate it thank you.