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Hello, there is a login bug on the website.
im logged in, but when i go to on the top right there are buttons with SING IN/ SIGN UP  that allow me to interact with them. but i think it shouldnt happen since im logged in.. or is it only for the forum?



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This site doesn't have a universal sign-in, so on some areas of the site you'll have to sign in again.  I'm not sure why that is, but if Jon sees this post he'll be able to explain.


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If you're logged in to the forum but not the rest of the site, a sign out / sign in cycle should address that. The cookies are different for the site vs. forum so occasionally, you can appear to be logged out of one but not the other.


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Can't login to the forum, it started from yesterday.
login sends me to empty screen with this error - Disallowed Key Characters.

I had the same error many years when try to login to arcade, stencylpedia, personal page, or Stencyl3 beta download page but now I can't login on forums too. By the way, it started with stencyl 3 beta or maybe after buying of the pro account.

To access forums or arcade I need to open browser in incognito mode where nothing not saving but sometimes it not helps too.

Probably, something is wrong with my net provider, I'm on 3G internet , but I have this error only on stencyl site