Curse of Time (iOS)


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After over a year of work i'm finally done with my project.  :D :D :D
The game is now also my school project.
When i started with the game I was just 14 years old and I had no idea how to program.
Now over a year has passed I finally have a product.
It's amazing to see how I learned every day something new about programming.
It spent thousands of hours working on this.
But I enjoyed it  :D :D :D .

The game has many RPG-elements, like leveling up, acquire new skills and upgrades, Equipment- System and much more
The Atmosphere of game is kinda like Castlevania.

The only problem i had is:
I had to shorten the game, because i still had to write the whole documentation about my game.
I had a deadline.
The whole game will be available sometime in the future as an update.

Sorry for my bad english i'm from switzerland  ;D .

Here is the link:

unfortunately i'm not 18 Years old, so I had to take the name of my mother to enroll the iOS developer program  :-\

The App is for free  :D

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If someone could give me a little feedback to my game I would really appreciate it  :D