Animations, why isn't this working?


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This is exactly what it said to do on the animation tutorial yet it's not working.


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That screenshot doesn't really give much to go on.

But even as you have it you're going to create many swords and that animation is going to try playing many times with each press. Because you're never going to get just a single press of a key on one frame. You need to be careful with how you handle inputs like key presses. What you have there now is not how you want to handle an animation or creating an actor.

Do you have that animation all configured and in the right place? Did you attach these behaviors? You could have easily just overlooked something but regardless you'll need to rethink how you're handling the actor creation and animation switching anyway.

Also the tutorial isn't really a tutorial. It just explains how Stencyl handles different aspects of development. '...yet it's not working' makes it sound like you think you did nothing wrong. You should probably read up more and go through the crash courses entirely before striking out on your own. You already made a number of basic mistakes which are covered in FAQs and resources here and elsewhere.  Photon's blog is a great resource for understanding some basic principles.