Creating level lists


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I have my game mechanics and a dozen levels squared away.  What is the best way to go about making a list of levels?

Something like this:

Do I just have to make a bunch of buttons? Also is there an easy way to make them get unlocked when you beat the previous one?

All suggestions welcomed, thanks.


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You either need individual buttons, or one button with a numerical animation, as in 'set animation to 1' etc.

You could try a boolean like "isUnlocked" =false. Then when they complete a level, change it to true.


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You can also build your level select scene by code using one empty button actor (perhaps with 3 different stars animation), a custom font and a loop system. The loop system will place the empty buttons and give them a value(which is used to call the correct level), while the draw event will give them a number or name.
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