Share your Social Media implements in your App/improve your connection in here


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hi guys i want to make a topic about what in app features you use to get more Users
make more Users informed of your game

at the moment i have just an facebookshare-button in my game and this is not the maximum
so what thinks do you have in your game? and what is your experience within these?

is there maybe in option to programm a code like these:

open whatsapp -> than send the app store linke to 1 random contact in whatsapp?
like a whatsapp share button?


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now i have done my whatsapp share button and it works

i have tried it this way (in the open url block) -> "whatsapp://send?text=INSERT YOUR TEXT AND GAME LINK HERE"

but it doesnt work

now i have implement this -> "whatsapp://send?abid=hukan&text=INSERT YOUR TEXT AND GAME LINK HERE"

that "abid=" means you send the text to the contact "hukan" in whatsapp
but if you have no "hukan" in your adressbook -> whatsapp let you pic a contact in your adressbook who you want to share you links

so its the same as the first, but working :P