Newly created actor shoots up in the air when created.


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I have a behaviour that kills an actor once you have clicked on them and when that actor is killed it creates another actor in it place.
The same type of behaviour is place on the newly created actor so when you click on actor it returns to the first actor.

This works fine then the actors are located on the tile set , you player is able to easily switch between the two actors. The problem happens when the actor is placed on top of the player or another actor and the player tries to switch them. The newly created actor shoots up into the air and this happens each time that you try to switch it.

I think that i may be an issue with collisions.

Both the switching actors have the same collision shape and are set some that they cant collide with each other. Maybe its to do with the collisions between the switching actors and the player?

Thank you for any idea or help :)

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Perhaps it would be better to switch between frames or animations of the same actor, not between different actors.
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