Amazon Web Services Extension for Stencyl? (ATTN MdoteDot, SaDiq)


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hi guys,
first id like to appreciate the effort put in by the two guys mentioned above on creating a multiplayer plugin for stencyl (Nuggetta).
Was just going through a lot the posts regarding posting data to/from a web server, and ive noticed that MdoteDot n sadiq have done a lot of work in this regard (Nuggetta, parse).

If you guys could take what youve learned so far, and try n apply it to amazon web services, it could really take this platform to the next level.  If someone were to develop even a most basic extension that uses an AWS account (starting with mobile only, Droid, IOS), stencyl as an engine would really come into the front-line w.r.t data structures and multiplayer gaming.

Feedback appreciated. All the best!

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Unfortunately at the moment I'm under a severe lack of free time, so for the moment I can´t commit to anything serious.
For now most of my free time is dedicated towards an update on the Nuggeta extension. I can´t promise anything at the moment.
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This is what you'll want:

I'm looking at it wondering if my sub-entry skills can do it or not.