Grab lowest item from list


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IS there a way to set something to the lowest item from the list. Like if there is 11 and 14, it will take the item in 11 first?


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if you dont like working with extensions you can easily do it with a loop system.

aBool = boolean attribute
tempActor = actor attribute

for each [item] in (list)
if not aBool < this will make sure it will only happen once in this loop,
~set tempActor to [item] << use the [item] block from the "for each" wrapper
~set aBool to true
~if [item] < tempActor,
~~set tempActor to [item]
set aBool to false << now we can use the loop again.

do something with tempActor

this will only work ofcourse if you only add numbers to your list, and the amount of items in your list will be unlimited
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Thanks Guys, Yeah I might try without the extension, only because I feel like Extensions hurt performance.. I could be wrong though haha