Snowflake Studios Looking for an Artist (We have work to show for it)


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Hello everyone I'm Tom from Snowflake Studios, a small  indie studio just recently formed and developing our first game as a group. We started up with an artist who was  doing a wonderful job as we progressed through the early couple months but he soon disappeared never to be heard of again. So in the mean time, myself and the game designer have been formulating our own small pieces of art to throw in as temporary objects just for fillers as I have progressed the game engine.

We have lot's of work to show any potential artist who is interested in joining us as the game demo is primarily looking for art now. Once the game demo has complete art we are going to be launching a kick-starter campaign to raise funds for the rest of the development (profit splits will be very generous). If interested send us an email at: and we would be glad to send you a sample of the demo level as well as the game design that has been planned out.

I understand that one of the most important parts about finding a job for the artist is the risk factor, whether you feel like you can be confident in the people you are working with. So to give you confidence in myself as a Programmer I will point you to one of my previous works: Renewal The Zombie Survival Game. This game was solely developed by myself (most of the art, code, and sound, etc) and has come to a halt in it's development while I work with Snowflake Studios. Here is a trailer of an early version of THAT game:

Now that you have an idea of what I am capable of I hope you are feeling inspired to join Snowflake Studio and help us make a name for ourselves.

Here is a huge Promotion piece for the game which was created by the previous artist of the game. This is a portrait of the main character Mimik.

Thank you for your time,
 Thomas Baldwin