[Solved] Touching a region - not detected


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There was an older topic about issues on detecting region touch with Stencyl 2.x. Now I'm using the Stencyl 3.x and try to use those regions.

I'm trying to create touch screen control buttons (having the top-most foreground showing static image of controls) with regions.
I then name (last created region) each created region with Attributes, so I can refer into them.
However when event, 'when the mouse is pressed on' and then the named region, should happen when mouse is pressed on region noting is happening.

Also how could I make the regions follow the screen when it is scrolling with main actor on screen?

Update: Never got those regions working, so I created invisible (all transparent pixels) actors. Touch events work just fine on them.

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Wow thanks for figuring it out! I was just looking for a way to solve that! cool! thanks


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I figured it out and made regions to work. For anyone who stumbles across this post, you have to create the region in the "When creating" block, otherwise although you might see the code-created region in the scene it won't detect the mouse click.

So when I create the region I do it outside the scene (negative x) and when I need the region I move it to the desired position.

Hope this helps.