Transparency - My First Unreleased Game


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Hello everyone, I am here today to share with you one of my latest projects


It is beginning its Pre-Alpha stage and technically will be my first game! I have created a game before, but it wasn't a official game and it was just a learning process. But now, since I am a "ameteaur" and more mature in the Game Creating/Stencyl business I have decided to make my new game! I have a prototype and have figured the core mechanics. Lets get on with the story and then the gameplay!

You're a old war veteran with PTSD and schizophrenia. When you're playing you unlock or trigger good memories, memories that will lead you on your way to recovery.

You start off in a room, of course with a mini-tutorial. When you progress in the game you will, along with having good memories, be forced with decisions that in the end won't affect nothing. You have to finish puzzles, or recovery stages, to unlock memories. The puzzles aren't just your average codes or anything, the puzzles will range from mazes to escaping chases. Another feature is alcohol, when you get alcohol in the game you will find that you have the choice to drink it or not. Drinking it will have a 50% chance of ending the game but also a 50% chance of giving you a achievement. Want to take the risk?

I want to keep the game simple but fun and playable. It is more of a art game but the gameplay will be enjoyable. I am using royalty free music and my own art, but anyone who wants to help out or give me something for free can. I will be updating :D

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