[SOLVED] <messagescene> Tag


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I can't get the <messagescene> tag to work.  Here is what I have typed out in the dialog box:

Code: [Select]
<setattr [game "Item Bought" 1]><messagescene ["Script Side Shop Manager" "PurchaseAttempt"]>

<if <getattr [game "TooExspensive"]> >You don't have enough money to purchase that item.<but>

<else>Thank you for your purchase.<messagescene ["Script Side Shop Manager" "PurchaseMade"]><but>

<endif><dg "Human Choice">

I have tried it with and without brackets.  Could you give me an example for this tag or tell me what I am doing wrong?

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I think "PurchaseAttempt" and "PurchaseMade" may need to look like this: "_customEvent_PurchaseAttempt", "_customEvent_PurchaseMade". If you open the behavior and look at the code preview (ctrl + j), you can see that the name you give an event isn't exactly what's used behind the scenes.
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That worked.  Thank you.