Coordinates don't update when actor is scaled


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EDIT: I wrote an extension that addresses this issue. You can find it here.

I'm working on a game with pixel art. To save space, I'm trying to import the actor animations at their original size and the scaling them up 9x.

Whenever I scale an actor, its X and Y coordinates never update, even though scaling moves the actor's top left corner. The coordinates are set somewhere inside the actor, where the top left corner of the 1x (unscaled) actor would have been. This affects positioning the actor in the scene, as well as drawing in the actor space (any action that involves the actor's coordinates).

Is this a bug? Or is this somehow the way it was intended to work? I can't imagine I am supposed to manually offset the coordinates for each actor I scale.

I've attached some screenshots and a log showing what happens when I try to draw something at (0 ,0) on a scaled actor.

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