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The Organizer Extension

Ever had trouble organizing your Stencyl projects and wished that there was an easier way to see which scenes had which behaviors and which actors? Well, look no further than the Organizer for Stencyl!

Each time you save your game, Organizer automatically updates with any new scenes and any new actors or behaviors attached to any scene, allowing you to easily keep track of what you have done with your project.

Any time you open a game, Organizer will prompt you if you would like to use it with said game. If you hit no, you can always open Organizer later through the Extensions menu at the top of the tool bar.

Open Stencyl, Click on Debug, Click on View Workspace, Open stencylworks, open extensions, and drag OrganizerExtension.jar into that folder. Close and Reopen Stencyl and you're all set!

Inspired by Innes' post here:,34080.msg193532.html#msg193532


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Some quick feedback: I noticed that you prompt the user to use the extension for any game every time it's opened. Do not do this. Same with the RPG Extension. I would prefer not to be prompted by any extension when I'm opening a game, but if you absolutely must, at least remember the user's choice and don't ask a second time for any game.

Aside from that, not a bad start. I'm looking forward to this extension progressing. For example, perhaps you could open the resources listed out by double clicking. Maybe you could add a search feature so that you could quickly find which scenes a certain actor is in.

Keep it up!
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Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback. We're taking your advice and will update the download soon.


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When is it going to be updated?