Ludum Dare 30 - Are you in?

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  • Posts: 711  it's getting that time of year Ludum Dare is destined to begin! Only about two weeks untill Ludum Dare 30 kicks off and the anticipation is unbearable! Last LD was sorta a bummer for me( my last entree, ). It wasn't bad, but there was a lot I could have done better and I have set some new goals this year. My main 3 goals are...

*Top 250- in audio
*Top 750- in fun
*And to finnaly get it right

I'm hoping the theme will allow simple puzzle type games and I'm hoping this theme will allow minimal art so I can focus on the fun and audio aspect of the game.  Fingers crossed. What are your goals and prefered themes?

Are you in?

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I had more fun doing ludum dare than the other jams I've tried. My goal is to focus more on an artistic style. I spent so much time making the game mechanics that I had to phone it in on graphics and everything else.


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Is this your #gamejam? Any prizes...?


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Hell yes I'm in, need to avenge my previous LD which didn't turn out so well.,31549.0.html

That game was pretty ambitious, this time I need to aim for much simpler entry.


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I'm in, will make a simpler game also.


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I definitely intend to participate, my main goal this time is to finish in time for the actual competition, as last time (also my first) I was satisfied with my game  but I finished late.

I don't really have any particular hopes for the theme other than ideas that are heavier on design and graphics but light on programming.
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I'm going to give it a shot.   :) I like challenges like this and am looking forward to seeing what I can create. This would be my first try; any tips or things I should know?


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I had two categories in the top 750, Humor and Fun. Nothing else though sadly. Now that I know this one is coming up ahead of time, I think I'll try it again with the full 48 hours.


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I might enter as well, but I may also have something going on that Saturday. Pity, because I don't really want to miss the 30th Ludum Dare and this was going to be one of the first times I could really "bunker in" as opposed to navigating my typical schedule and doings.
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count me in. I only do droid though, so hoping an APK entry will do :S

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how do they verify if a game is made in 48 hours or not? o-O
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zohaibhisam: the "Theme" plays strongly into game rating. Since the theme is not known prior to the start, it would be difficult to work on it before time. Submissions end after 49 hours (48 hours + 1 hour submission window because the site is always hammered at the end) so you wouldn't be able to submit after that point.

On top of all that, it's the honor system. If you have a game that does well and gets noticed, people will notice and call you out if you break the rules. It's not like there's a monetary prize.
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If you want to get some stuff together beforehand, you could always join the 72 jam. There, you can use assets like art and sound. You should still try to build the entire framework of the game in the 72 hours, though.