Gamepad Extension Bugging


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If you're familiar with the Gamepad Extension (,28099.0.html), I could really use some help. For some reason, the game starts erasing old control mappings when going over 4 mapped controls. I have no idea why this is happening but I'm pretty sure it has to do with the extension itself. I have tested this even with the demo that was put out by the original creator, by adding more controls. I have also tested it on 3 controllers and 2 different computers.

Attached is a stencyl project that shows the bug. When running the project, click on a box to map a control to it, and when that control is pressed, the box should change animations. You will see that it works fine until you map 5 controls. Then one of the old controls you mapped will be erased and will simulate that key being permanently down.

If there's a way around this, I would be VERY happen to know. Gamepads are really helpful for same-screen multiplayer games, and for me, kind of essential for my game.

Thanks in advance!