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So I decided to leap into the ludum dare, but I think in the effort to just get going I think I skipped out on actually planning out the most important part: decent gameplay xD

But if anyone is interested here is my game so far:
I'd love to hear your thoughts! c:

(I also don't know why that black border is there, so just ignore that, haha. =P)


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Not bad. Graphics look impressive and I also like the music.
The only problem is playing on a laptop with no mouse.
It is rather difficult to play thou, but I did find the urge to play it again for a few times before I became frustrated.

Good luck with the entry!
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Thank you so much for your thoughts and trying it out! c:

I was originally thinking some sort of a mobile tap on top screen/ swipe on bottom game which may or may not have made the game easier, but then I realized I should probably do web for ludum dare, which resulted in having to fill in control methods with whatever I could find xP

I love the music! I think it drives you to play the game a few more times than you might normally. About the game play, I kept wishing that there was some way to catch up after having been knocked towards the left of the screen.

I think the graphics look good too.

Playing on my laptop was tricky though - having no numeric keypad.