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Welcome to Spayce!

the game is better experienced with experimentation and without prior knowledge in my opinion, but if you need to know what everything is about, read below the break.


This is Spayce!

You are a floating eyeball dude. move around with the arrow keys. When you meet a person, the 'new planet' counter decreases. When it hits 0, you can use your mouse to place a new planet. You can travel between planets if they connect together. The more planets on the field, the greater chance more people (and other beings) will inhabit the universe.
People will also heal you if you meet on a tile with 1 or more people, and give you XP if you meet on a tile with 2 or more people. XP gives you damage and max health when it reaches its limit.
Occasionally as well, devil monsters will be brought upon the universe. these monsters kill everything in their path, and if they are left alone for too long, they will destroy worlds. The further in the game you have played, the more difficult they will become. Killing them, however, will cause them to gain power slower, or actually make them easier if you kill enough of them.

Your goal is to get all 4 chests.

Opening the first chest will give you a fireball power. Use Z to damage everything (even people) in a 'plus' shape around you, at the cost of some health.

Opening the second chest will give you an iceball power. Use X to freeze all enemies and people for 8 turns, at the cost of some health (more than the fireball use).

Opening the third chest will give you a blood powerup. this doubles your damage.

Opening the fourth chests means you win!


MAN i was close on the cut on this one. I don't think I'm as proud of this one as I am of my other entries, but i still managed to make a playable game and I still had a ton of fun!!
I had MUCH larger visions of what the game should have become, but ultimately I ran out of time. I think the idea could be turned into a really interesting game if i ever work on it again (remake it), such as an infinite self-procedurally generating dungeon crawler rogue-like, managing all reaches of the universe while still trying to expand.

Thanks for playing!!


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Too complicated I couldnt met enough people to place "path".
If I helped you be sure to mention it in your game.

Tutorials + downloads:

I played this for like 2 hours, in the end I came to the conclusion that the devil monsters were cheating bastards.

The game looks great and I love the concept. I'm not sure it's necessary for the devil monsters to appear on the world blocks that the player has worked hard to place. I wonder if it would be enough for them to spawn on the chest worlds alone. This might give the battles between the player and them a more strategic feel and the player would basically understand that connecting to a chest world was like opening a gateway to hell. I always felt like that when one randomly appeared on my worlds, I had a <20% chance of defeating it no matter how many groups of 2 or 3 people I had landed on previously or if I had the fire weapon or (once) had the ice weapon. Plus, the demon was going to slaughter countless people and squares before we battled, possibly leaving me stranded on a dead planet even if I won.

Also, it's too bad it has no music. I hope you're working on a polished version cause I think this one deserves it.