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Added >> Trophy System part 1
Added >> Trophy System part 2

sir in your dialog box what if i want to put text inside the rectangle? where should i put that text??please help
i want to be the best user of stencyl


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Added >> Dynamic Animated Dialog Box Part.2
My new profile is TheIndieStation.
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Stencyl Ninja

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I would like to make a SNES Rock n' Roll Racing style game. I'm requesting something specific that I'll need for it.

Isometric Slopes.

Could you please make a tutorial video on Isometric Slopes please?
And umm, you wouldn't happen to know how to Refresh a game screen without Restarting the level would ya?
There's a visual glitch I could solve with that info if you know how.
It may be something simple that I overlooked?
Thank You sdieters!


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Hello sdieter.

I think you could do a tutorial on image api. :) 
I have played a while with but I still cannot use it in  an efficient way.
For example if you use set an image instance attribute and you slide it upwards.  Then you set an image attribute to the same name and slide it downwards.  The first one still exist, how can you delete it ?


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Hey stefan, it's Gabriel here. I would like to say you made so far the best tutorial series on stencyl. I've enjoyed and learned alot since I use stencyl. Would love it, if you could make a tutorial on infinite jumping type of game like doodle jump.

Keep up the good work, man.

how about a tuterial about how to  to implement destructible terrain using the new image api  function


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Hey guys, please check the original post!
My new profile is TheIndieStation.
When you see a recent post with this name, i'm probably using my phone. So dont mind any typo's =p


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Can you please make a tutorial on making checkpoints on stencyl 3.3?
Also, can you make a tutorial on making an enemy that when it hits the walls or there is no more floor, it goes to the other direction?


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Tutorial Request: I want to make a flashcard game.

1. I have about a thousand vocabulary words along with their definitions. I don't want to hard code all the information into the game. I would love it if I could just add a txt file somehow.

2. There would be a multiple choice quiz so that users can test their knowledge.  They would be given the word and they have to correctly choose the correct definition out of 3 other choices.

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