Possible Bug / Solution to fix a broken game Unexpected <


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Hi Guys,

I've run into this bug a couple of times now. After saving and quiting and then reopening a game. It will no longer compile with the following error:

Source/scripts/Design_27_27_MenuStar.hx:1: characters 0-1 : Unexpected <

I've had it happen a couple of times and each time it's a different behaviour being referenced but with the same "Unexpected < at line 1" error.

It seems as though something corrupted (although no corrupt warnings from Stencyl itself) Is there anyway to troubleshoot or fix this error?



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I guess something is saving on the that line that isn't visible? What i did to fix this is open that .hx file and then highlight all the blank space on that line and then hit delete, i did this on either side of the < > on that line, then saved the file and now the game runs again, strange.


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If you see that error, first try Run > Clean Project.
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Ok! Thanks Justin!