add the jumping and air jumping behavior to an actor?


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Okay, so I have done some research and I'm going to try and fool with the "jumping" and "air jumping" behaviors in hopes to achieve what I want...this may sound very noobish but I ran into a problem with just the testing of the behavior...

I downloaded the "jumping" behavior and I am using the "placeholder" actor that has almost no logic to it. I simply added the jumping behavior to the character and when testing the scene I still cannot jump. I set the jump key in the behavior to be the "enter" key, yet when testing the scene I get absolutely no response from the actor when pressing enter...

Any advice guys?


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Did you set the gravity to 85? If you zip up the game I'll take a look for you when I get a spare minute .


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i'll take a deeper look into your goal and see what i can do tutorial wise.
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