What Have You Been Playing Lately?

Prison Architect and replaying Plants Vs Zombies


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I'm waaay late to the party, but I finally purchased Bioschock and am embarking on one hell of an adventure.
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This is my first forum post WOOP. Been lurking around these forums for the better part of a year, so it's a big deal to me.

Anyway, I'm a bloom lighting junkie (lol) so I've been eating up Wind Waker HD. Loving all of it.

Gotta be honest, I haven't updated to Stencyl 3.2 yet, but when I do, the bloom light shader will be THE FIRST thing I try out.


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LOL, FarCry4 is my life right now.


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starbound, the game equally insane compare to minecraft itself


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Bayonetta is hard.


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Bayonetta is hard.
those awesome boss battle though :B


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I have been currently playing "Animal Crossing : New leaf " for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS .
The game is like real life , you live in a town , you get to be a mayor , pay for your house , earn money, take a vacation , help neighbors Etc . There are also holidays  in the game . It is so addicting because it never ends !  Well thats what I have been playing so far you can find out more here .


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blob come here

also I've been playing chess

great game

Vereor Nox

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Recently finished playing Dark Souls 2. It was a fun game, only had a few rage quits. Haha

I'm thinking of starting Quintet's Heaven and Earth Trilogy (AKA Gaia Trilogy). Which is actually 4 games, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, and Granstream Saga.

Recently I've been playing Brickies on iPhone, Monster Hunter 4 U on 3DS, and Rocksmith 2014/Starmade/Robocraft on my Mac.   Been meaning to play more mobile games though, I like to think it's similar to the whole Atari/Home arcade machine thing in the 80's.


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starbound, the game equally insane compare to minecraft itself
Oh I love Starbound! Played it a looot a couple years ago. They've added so much stuff since then. I was planning on getting back to playing it when they release it, but with every update my patience decreases :)

Did anyone try Fallout Shelter? I found it to be quite fun and I can't wait for the actual Fallout :D


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Currently playing 'Don't touch the spikes' (simple concept and super addictive) and 'Muffin Knight' (colorful graphics, fast action and super fun).


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I've gotten all my friends in on Cards and Castles, and last night I finally got around to Tales from the Borderlands and pretty much haven't been thinking about anything else since. It and 80 Days by Inkle are my favorite games in a while, console or mobile. Any of you guys been getting into the choose-your-own-adventure games genre?