Solved the web request issue when using Dropbox.


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Hey all,
First off, sorry for my absence lately, but since i am going back to school my tutorials are coming online on a slower pace.

Anyway, i am creating a tutorial on how to setup a "Friends only" online leaderboard without the need for any extensions, but i came across an issue when i used a file uploaded to Dropbox. In the original docs Jon used an example text file, and the URL he was referring to ended with the file itself. But Dropbox has changed over time and now you will get a URL like  >>
For some reason this didnt work with the request block, but in order to solve this, you simply need to change the URL you are refering to to this >> << the 1 is the winner over here!

now you can download the file directly to your stencyl app =)
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Now I really want to make my own online leaderboard. :) The only problem I have is that I can't figure out how to get data from the Dropbox file without a Type 2044/2048 security error. Can you please post a screenshot of the code you are using? Thanks in advance. :)
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