In app Advertising


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Hey guys!
I'm almost done making my game and I had a few questions, if anyone here can answer them.
I plan to publish my app to IOS and Android, and I have purchased Studio to get my license to do so. However, I plan to make the game free, and hence to generate revenue want to implement in app advertising.
I have looked at CPC deals such as Admob and I think it's a raw deal. However, a CPM of even 0.03+ is a lot more promising.  I do have the following questions-
1) Do I need to have a company to use CPM's? Does anybody know any ad service which lets you do so without you having to be a part of a company?
2) I understand that different apps have different CPM's according to their active users etc. For example, a game with many users making many impressions has a CPM of 1$ + at times, whereas the lower ones have less than even 0.02$ . My question is, if the number of people using my app increases, will my CPM as well? Or will it be static?
3) Do I need to have had published my app to add CPM's? I understand that some companies only put ads in your app if you have 25k+ users and what not.

You may have inferred that I have yet to publish my app and that I am without a company. On this basis, does anybody know the best ad company suited for me? Please make your suggestions, comments and recommendations.