Solved - Running Stencyl 3 on uncompatible Macs (pre 10.8)


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Just in case anyone else out there ends up in the same spot as me (im running OSX 10.6.8), Wine is running the Windows version of Stencyl great for me.  Googled it earlier and didn't see any work around, but was able to use Wine to get it installed, running, and compiled and ran one of the crash course games.

I did run into a problem with the [missing] strings going on for most text at first, but this only occurred when I ran the Stencyl program directly from the finished installer.  Loaded up the .exe with wine after closing and no more problem.  Also had to edit in the preferences where all the work is saved before I could actually load/save anything.

Just a FYI, probably not relevant to many, but in case anyone else searches for it in the future, there ya go.