Mobile games and charity - the fight against cancer!


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Hi guys,
Please take out a couple of minutes of your time to check out HELPaFELLA Entertainments concept and ideas about mobile games.
Today, is the start of "Break Cancer"-week in Denmark. A whole week with focus on fighting cancer, and it ends with a big Tv-show hosted by Tv2. In HELPaFELLA Ent. we combine entertainment with charity - therefore you can help a good cause, just by playing our (free) games, and we will donate 50 % of ad-revenue generated in our games.
It is our idea to support different kinds of charities through our games - and for now, it is cancer that we want to break, with help from the mobile-game community!

Please check out our website to read more:

And go try our apps!:

We have other games on the way and would very much like to hear your opinion about both games and concept!

HELPaFELLA Entertainment