"Exit game" event block request for Mobiles!


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Is it possible to add an "exit game" block feature (which totally clean the app from memory) for Android Mobile?
Just because atm only 2 way to do that and neither perfect.

With nme.system.System.exit(1); command game "exits"(almost home button effect) but when player return to game Admob banner ad not shown!
With "nme.Lib.exit();" command game exit totally, but something still stay in the memory because sometimes( maybe depends build or Stencyl version) game cannot relaunch till not killed from memory (manually or OS).

Many developer asked this feauture many times in this forum, would be great an official method for this at last.
Better developer companies also use exit pop for their games, because games looks more professional, so it is time to do with Stencyl as well!