Making your game look great on iPhone 5,6,6+


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Hey guys just wanted to know the steps you would use to make your game look great on iPhones 5,6,6+.

Would you make all your art at the iPhone 6+ resolution and then build your game in Stencyl at 1242x2208 and then would Stencyl's scaling make it look good on the other 2 phones or would you have to do it another way I'm a little confused ?
Still a noob at Stencyl  :)

Thanks Cameron


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I came on here to ask the same question! Did you ever figure this one out? Or did anyone? I'm about to start my first iPhone game since 4S (and making all my backgrounds and sprites based around 960x640) and I don't know what resolution to make my backgrounds in order to work with the latest iPhone models.

Someone help! :)


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Not sure what the Iphone 6 resolution is but you would design your artwork at about 4x the size of 320 x 480 - so that would be 1280 x 1920 and then import your artwork with scaling set to 4x.  When you're designing your artwork / backgrounds set the grid size to 128 x 128 so when you come to import the tiles everything fits nicely.

Stencyl automatically then shrinks the images to fit whatever mode you are testing in. (settings > web > scale etc)

I think thats right anyway!

Also, read this article if you haven't already