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It would be nice to be able to organize my events and custom blocks into logical categories within a behavior.


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Surely this should be in suggestions rather than shared resources.


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Could you expand on what you mean by organising events into logical categories within a behavior?

A behavior can have already have numerous separate events, which are listed, and can be placed in any order, in the left panel, and which can also be renamed.

Do you mean that you would like to be able to group some of these events together in some way? I can see that it may be useful to do so, but if the events are named appropriately, and placed in a sensible order, where the 'categories' are sequentially listed, as is possible now, then a similar result is achieved.

I think that placing them into a folder within that list would over-complicate accessing the events. Perhaps some kind of 'concertina' feature, whereby a subheading could be created in the list, allowing for expanding and collapsing the section, would be a more appropriate solution. I can see that being very useful.
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I was thinking a collapsible structure similar to what you have in an email client.  You add a folder called "foo" then you put all "foo" related custom blocks there.  Clicking on the "foo" folder opens and closes it, maybe have a number next to the folder showing how many blocks are in there.

But what would also work is a "filter" feature also like your email client where you could filter on partial text matches on block/event names.  That would make it much easier to find specific blocks in a big list.


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Yes. I'm using Stencyl since last morning and I already feel this would be a nice addition.