EPIC BLOWFISH - Now Available on Google Play & iOS!


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So, the bird that flapped is all but dead. Please welcome, Epic Blowfish. Bringing you a new dose of pick-up-and-play frustration!

"You're a blowfish. You've just escaped from a sushi restaurant. However, the sewers have been fitted with laser beams!

You hold the power to change colour, when you swim.

To get through a laser, you must match the colour of the laser when you pass through it.

Sounds easy, right?

Lets see how far you get..."

Get the Game

* EPIC BLOWFISH on Google Play

* EPIC BLOWFISH Facebook Page

Screenshots / Images


*(2.0) Removed Some Start-Up Bugs


"Awesome - Very difficult and addictive", "Quirky solid hard and frustrating but in a good way. Wow this is tough", "Frustratingly addictive!", "Simple but brilliant - The next Flappy Bird", "This is tricky. Can see me getting addicted real quick!"

Coming Soon To iOS...

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Now Available On iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/epic-blowfish-free/id955291039?ls=1&mt=8

If you guys could give this a play and give me some feedback, it would mean a lot!  :D




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Looks nice, when I see new games I always look for a quick video which shows the game off, would be cool to create a promo vid for the world to see!  cheers
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Cheers for the kind comment and advice.

I was on the fence about making one. But, it looks like it would probably be worth the effort...  :D