Site education upgrade link suggestion [DONE]


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Hello! Clicking the education upgrade link in the middle of automatically starts an upgrade process with the message:
We've received your upgrade request.
All upgrade requests are manually processed. We will contact you via e-mail to confirm the price and request payment.
Please allow several business days for a response. Thanks for your understanding!"

I would recommend against using a text link to initiate this process. It would make more sense to link to a page which then has a more obvious button to request this procedure.  Sometimes people click text links just for more info.

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Agreed. As far as UE and UI design goes, you always want to make a user's decision clear and something like requesting to purchase something is a big enough task that it should require confirmation from the end user.

That said, however, if they aren't getting a substantial amount of accidental requests, I don't think it's worth changing it.


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I've clarified the wording. There aren't enough requests to justify a whole separate page, especially when the process is as manual as it is. I take this post to also mean that you aren't interested in an upgrade?