CC license customization.


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NT. I'd like to see that, because sometimes I want to go with cc-by-sa, sometimes with cc-by and sometimes with other combination (basically there should be checkboxes for every part of cc license: by, share alike, noncomercial).

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This isn't a good idea. There's too many legal details that would confuse many newbies. It would create a lot of problems.


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I like the idea, and I think CC licenses are common enough online; deviantART has the same exact feature when you upload your own art, and I think the way they present it is very clear and easy to understand.  But, I think like dA, it should be an option you have to click on before being prompted to attach a license.  Basically, on the page where you're uploading your artwork, there's a button near the bottom with other related licensing/etc. options with 'Creative Common License Options' written next to it (or something like that) .  If you click it, a popup appears explaining basically what it is (with I think a link to the main website) and the ability to click three options.  There's 'Use CC' (yes/no), Allow Commercial Uses (yes/no), and Allow Mods/Derivative Works (yes/Share Alike only/no), and then an explanation of what your license allows that appears on the bottom based on what you click. 

Ragh, if only I could find a screenshot, that would be much clearer.  Google-fu is failing me now.

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This is an issue that we can revisit when we actually have substantial amounts of content. It's premature to complicate the scheme at this point in time. If you want to license it other than the normal CC, select all rights reserved and then state what you want in the description field for now.