Introducing Hollow Knight

Amazing art/animation, and congrats on the funding!

(I just found out about this game, and when I checked the KickStarter link it said "funded 2 hours ago!")


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Thanks! It's been a long road but we made it! Things went crazy in the last 48 hours, I never thought we'd hit so many stretch goals. For a while I wasn't sure we'd even hit the funding goal!


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I saw you hit the Wii U stretch goal. What are the plans for that? A later port? Moving the whole project away from Stencyl?


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We're still assessing our options, at the moment it looks like we will have to port to Unity at some point for Wii U and other console releases, yeah. We're still looking into it all so no concrete plans yet!


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It's worth noting that there is a push to add Wii U as an openfl target. I'm not privy to the details though, and whether we see the results of that soon enough for Hollow Knight and Ghost Song to take advantage of it without needing to port is another matter.
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I've been sorta in the loop on the open FL stuff.  the guys seem pretty confident they could get ghost song to work, but I don't count my eggs until they're hatched. but yeah, it seems like it could be something.


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Yeah, tis a bummer.  :'(

 I wish them the best of luck though; I'm sure the upgrades will be worth it for what they're trying to achieve.
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It's unfortunate yeah, we really did love working in Stencyl. Because we need to collaborate though and also be able to release on various consoles/handhelds, we had no choice but to switch over to Unity.  I still really love Stencyl though, it's fantastic for piecing stuff together really quickly, and I try to at least give it a plug whenever I can!


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out of curiosity, how much does that set you back in development hours switching over?


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Congrats on the successful launch and a beautifully crafted game. Cheers!


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Congrats on the release.. I picked it up and I'm so happy I did.. it's a work of art. Good work, Team Cherry.


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Thank you for the greatest game ever: Hollow Knight I just 111% it today only thing left is Nightmare King Grimm