Change between atlases produces lags? [HELP]


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So i figured i should do some optimizing to my game by using the atlases in order to relief heavy use in memory.
So i set the credits/opening scene to the main atlas and then i distributed everything else evenly, atlas per scene. What i found out was that one scene (not the initial one) was lagging when it was changing to another scene and thus atlas.When i set all the scenes to a same atlas,(atlas 2) except the opening scene, the lag was gone away but now the credits scene which is in the main atlas seem to be the one lagging a little bit before changing scene to get to the main menu.
Keep in mind that when everything is on one atlas everything works flawlessly without any lag... well except a probability of the app crashing on start up he he  ;)   
Any thoughts on some workaround about the lag? or maybe i am doing something wrong?
Many thanks beforehand.