Stencyl 1.2 - (Released Oct 26th)


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StencylWorks 1.2

StencylWorks 1.2 is out as an update. Installers will arrive this weekend.

How to Update

StencylWorks will automatically prompt you next time you launch it. If not, select Check for Updates... from the File menu.

If you're unable to update, grab a fresh copy of 1.1.1. off the site and try updating from that.

What about the installers?

They're coming this weekend.

Are the new features documented?

Not officially. I've linked to blog entries for each major item. These posts describe how to use the new features.

The Master Change List

- 7 New Transitions
- Mochi Ads and Scores
- Game Pausing
- Lightweight Actors
- Add Flash Libraries
- Add arbitrary Flash code

- Drag and Drop polygon points
- Zoom in/out polygon editor and collision editor
- Detect concave polygons in polygon editor
- Scale actors in scene designer
- Actor search in scene designer
- Control palette with keyboard in scene designer
- Switch between select, pencil, fill with spacebar
- Parallax scrolling for repeated backgrounds
- Auto-scale collision bounds for actors (togglable)
- Automatic Casting for Object, Text, and Number types.

- Fixes to game attributes page
- Add CCD setting to Physics > Advanced page.
- [Flash] Reycled actors should obey the layer that the create recycled actor block says
- Enable actor <-> actor collisions by default for new games
- [SW] Eliminate "reupgrade stencylworks" option.
- Custom blocks no longer throw Implicit Coercion error when placed in blocks using their return type
- Move StencylWorks.prefs on Linux to a more proper location ("~/.StencylWorks/StencylWorks.prefs")
- Disable Flixel pause menu by default
- Pause timed tasks created by actor

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Looking forward to this! I hope I can make DD much more smooth by turning lots of hazards into lightweights! Also the auto kill of periodic tasks will be awesome!


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Sweet looks impressive~! Great for people who have been wanting mochiads


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I'm very happy to see mochiads coming so quickly to stencylworks.
Thank you Jon! :)


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What would lightweight actors be able to be used for? Would they be ideal for loads of GUI on a screen? and after effect images?


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Everything that doesn't need physics or collisions to work are ideal LW targets, so they're great for GUI elements. What do you mean by after effect images?
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Like effects that dont really have collisions or anything that are just visuals on the screen after like attacks or such. But it says there is no collision box for lightweight actors, then how does that screenshot with the cannon shooter have bubbles that can be popped if theres no collisions?


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There are many other ways to simulate collisions, though I'm not sure how Rhys is doing it there.

You could compare x/y positions, for one. Flash has built-in functions to do hit detection between images, though I've never tried them with Stencyl. I'm sure someone more creative than myself can come up with even more ways of doing it.


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Hey jon, im going through all the tutorials again and such and making a list of graphical and data error so it can be corrected for 1.2


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Much appreciated. Thanks!


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Much appreciated. Thanks!

no problem test!

i fully support this program and the fact that you care enough to update it so frequently and fix the problems makes me almost wanna buy stock. its a WORLD of difference from where i came from.


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Mochi Ads and Scores :D

Jon, whoever is handling the mochi stuff, can you let me know? I desperately want someone to implement MochiCoins, and if it isnt an official release il have to arrange it with someone else. Thankyou!


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Hey Jon,
When your wonderful company (no sarcasm :) ) will be ready to take my $99? I just want branding removed...


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$99 is likely to be the entry point for iStencyl - we haven't set an official price on the unlocked, splash-free Flash engine and have been doing it on a case by base basis. Please contact us via e-mail, and we'll hook you up.


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Mochi Ads and Scores :D

Jon, whoever is handling the mochi stuff, can you let me know? I desperately want someone to implement MochiCoins, and if it isnt an official release il have to arrange it with someone else. Thankyou!

The way it'll work is that the whole Mochi api gets included. We'll expose blocks for scores and optionally show the pre-game ads. If you'd like to work with coins, you could work directly with the code, or someone might make a custom block set. For simplicity and to avoid bloating up the block count, we're only officially going to include blocks for scores.