[ROYALTY]Programmer needed for infinite runner


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My name is Varun Mohindra, and I am looking for a programmer to help me make the unique and humor based game that I have been planning for the last month or so.  The game is no longer just a concept- as of this moment, every asset for this game is ready for use. This includes character sprites, alternate skins, voice acting, projectile sprites, music , menus etc. No asset has been purchased and has been constructed from scratch.
I am looking for someone who knows their way around Stencyl. Previous work is not a must, but it doesn't hurt. You do however need to be ready to work , and should not slack off and not reply for days on end. We are looking to release this game in 2014 itself.
The game is a simple infinite runner, and for anyone with experience this is a fast track to making some quick money for little work. It also helps if you know how to integrate ads into the game at specific points.
If you interested, please email me at varunbmohindra@gmail.com . Please do not forget to list past experience, if any.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!