Is making othello hard?


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Hi I'm new here and want to ask if stencyl is capable of making an othello game for android. I also want to know how hard or how long would it take to make one. The game will consist of player vs player and player vs ai. This is for a project at school and I'm searching for programs to help me create this game.


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Well you can make pretty much anything in 2D with Stencyl as far as i am concerned. Now making an Othello game is possible of course, the only factor can think right now that may be hard, is for you to get a suitable scale of the board.
The logic for an A.I could get complicated if you want a really really good A.I, but you can always keep things simple with only a few moves for the A.I to choose from.
I think Stencyl can help you do what you are searching for but it will require some effort.
As for how long it could take you, i should say, it depends on how complicated you want your game to be and how fast you can learn to use Stencyl.
I wish you good luck on your project!


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Thanks for the reply! I guess I'll try learning first then see how it goes.