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Hello all
My name is Varun and I am representing 99 BIT Studios
We are looking for someone who can Integrate MobileCore/StartApp ad services into Android/IOS Games. If you know how to do the same with other ad services as well, please contact us(Not admob)
For your services you will be paid a fixed fee upon completion, and we can even offer Royalty with this. However, since it is unsure how much a game can generate, you will be paid via PayPal/Wire Transfer the definite fee.
If you are interested, please contact me at varunbmohindra@gmail.com
Thanking you,
99 BIT

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It's not simple work (requires both Haxe and Java knowledge), and probably no one will volunteer for royalties since most games earn nothing.  Since there are existing ads for both banners and interstitials on Android, you can consider using those instead.


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Please contact me as soon as possible either here or at the above listed email