Camera Extension [Work in Progress]


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Work in progress!

For mobile device's camera and to receive the byte data

Have been implemented:
-Trigger the built-in camera in iOS and Android

Features to implement:
- Return the captured photo to Haxe as JPEG byte data
- Simulate a camera event from provided BitmapData for non-mobile platforms

The extension is still very buggy, so until its stable I won't upload it here (however can over request)

An idea of how it will work:

Currently I don't have time, so the project is set on pause

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awesome! I was hoping for this since the extensions announcement


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nice work! as always :D


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Great enlargement!  I look forward on the final version.
Also missing the microphone :) It would also be cool.


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Keep it up - this could be very useful!


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Just to say I'll be interested too ;)


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spooky oo to ooo i wait