The Last Panda


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The Last Panda

Hidden somewhere in the Great Wall, there is a secret room for an even more secret treasure. Ghosts are everywhere: they want to get their hands on our treasure, but you must stop them, whatever it takes. You are our last chance, you are our last panda!

- 70 stages!
- 8 types of enemies.
- 8 type of bonuses.
- A cute panda!

- Arrows/WASD to move an d jump. You can also double jump!
- Z/M/spacebar to attack.
- 1 for sound/music on/off.
- P to pause.

This is my first Ludum Dare and I enjoyed it a lot. I wanted to add a lot of things to the game, but since this is my first time participating, I wanted to enter the compo. I didn't have much time to test all the 70 stages and balance the difficulty. Any feedback is much appreciated!
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Nice job for your first LD.  I got a 499 score.