Heer Dunter


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Hi, this is my Ludum Dare 31 Jam entry

The game was made in 8 hours. I hadn't time to polish things up and add new content, sorry for that! But I think you may have fun for a couple of seconds :)

You play as a deer which rides a TV. Survive as long as you can.
Deer is a synonyme for Game and Screen is a synonyme for TV, so the theme will be used more than 1 time in the game ;)

Left/Right arrow keys to move
Up to jump
Enter to start the game
R to restart the game.

Music by http://balderdact.newgrounds.com/


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Awesome theme interpretation  :D


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Just chiming in to say your combo of music plus player character got me in, even though I find the gameplay unfair.
My Stencyl resources are available here: https://luyren.itch.io/
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Thanks for the feedback :D

@Luyren: Sorry for the difficulty xD . It was to easy at first with only the hunters and I ran out of time, so I added spikes on the last minutes to make it more challenging.


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This game is so cool  8)  , I love the music  ;) !


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I'm quite happy with my last LD31 entry this time. Made it to the top 25 (#20) in the humor category rating . Heer Dunter has the best votings of all my LD games so far.

Here's also a graphic of the progress of my LD games so far. The overall quality is getting better.

To everyone else, participate in every jam. You'll get better every time for sure :)

Happy new year to everyone.