Community Postmortem - What went right and wrong for you?


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While LD's fresh on everyone's mind, I wanted to get everyone to talk about their experiences this time around. What went right and what went wrong for you in this LD?


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Well, honestly speaking, acronyms went wrong for me...
For example I was not understanding the meaning of "LD" in your question. I've found many different meaning:
And eventually, half an hour later: "Ludum Dare a rapid game development competition"  :o

I know it is funny, but using acronyms  overcomplicates the matter for foreigners and not techies, so it would be better using super plain english in the forums, when your target are (also) not very skilled people.   :P


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Eventually I noticed it... I felt very stupid indeed  ;)  :P

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The only thing that went wrong for me, was I became lazy and sleep deprived. I was planning on spending the last day polishing and working on the art... But I was so tired and sick of developing that I just stopped working.
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