Need help how to prevent double jump?


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Hello I'm newbie, Iwant making simple game like super mario,
I'm making jump behaviour like this
First I make
 #touchfloor as atribute to prevent double jumping
*if self colides tiles
Set #touchfloor to true

Then to making jump
  *If :  X button is down and touchfloor = true
Set Y speed to -55 for self
Set #touch floor to false

The problem is, when my actor hit tiles as platform or walls, my actor can't stop jumping.
I need your help how to make this?

Then how to make double jump & wall jump?
I don't undrstand logic from jump & run kit 

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Don't use "If :  X button is down..."

Use "If: X button was pressed..."
I'm spanish, excuse me for my bad English.
I'm not a private teacher. Please, post your questions in the public forum.


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Also use 'if the bottom of actor 1 was hit' around your 'Set #touchfloor to true'


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WOW!! it works great Thankyou.... >///<
but i have the other problem, when my actor jump and move left or right, sometimes they cant stop moving. i mean my actor sometimes sliding after i press jump and move left or right.
here is all behaviour.
 i hope you can fix it my logic >///<

1) logic for prevent double jump
     *when self hit a tiles (then you can see picture 1)
2) Logic for jumping
    *always (then you can see picture 2)
3) Logic for falling
     *always (then you can see picture 3)
4) Logic for character move left or right when jump
     *always (then you can see picture 4)
5)   Logic for character moving left or right on the ground
     *always (then you can see picture 5)

Really need your help >///<

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